I remember being a kid. I remember the excitement of hiding in a hollow tree. Of running along paths through dense shrubbery, never sure what was round the next corner. The thrill of picking up speed as I roly-polyed down a hill.

Historic parks and gardens offer all these simple but captivating experiences for children, plus other imagination-capturing encounters with novelties one doesn’t find anywhere else – the cave-like grotto, the witch’s hut, tunnels through rocks which reveal unexpected views.

The Great Gardens here are ‘great’ because they are historic and their design is in some way special, but they are also ‘great’ for kids because they spark young imaginations.The Grange

Here you will discover Great Gardens… to discover with your children.

Not boring old gardens that happen to have a good adventure playground next door. Gardens featured here are fun in themselves. They are fun for adventures of the imagination.

Gardens are where nature and culture meet. In a Great Garden kids can interact with our heritage and history, and good design, while also being able to run around in the way they can’t really do in a museum or country house.


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